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Mogán celebrating historic 200 year anniversary

Mogan200 The south-western county of Mogán is this year celebrating its 200th anniversary with historical exhibitions, guided tours and various publications.

The mayor of Mogán and the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria last week presented to the public the  'Moganero know your story 'project, displaying the roots, traditions and the identity of the municipality for citizens and tourists to enjoy, alongside various celebrations set to last until 13 May.

A traveling exhibition of the history of Mogán will be visiting all the municipal centres. Several publications aimed at all ages will be made available including a new history book of Mogán, a graphic novel and a colouring book for the little ones. Mogán will offer guided tours along the major points of historical interest throughout the municipality, from the village chapel that led to the independence of the municipality, to the site of the Los Gatos, which preserves the remains of one of the first Aboriginal settlements in this territory, tours of the famous windmill and through the agricultural history of this area of the island.

You'll find all the latest information at Mogan.es and of course we will publish that same information here in English for our readers


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