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Bar burglar swims down river Guadalquivir to flee police

A MAN who stole a till from a bar in Sevilla fled the scene by swimming down the river Guadalquivir.

Plain-clothed National Police were called out to the Bar El Ferroviario between the C/ Traviesa and the C/ Cantina in the city in the early hours of the morning as two individuals were seen forcing the door.

They got there in time to see two men leaving the bar, one of whom was carrying a large black box and the other, a hefty sledge-hammer.

Officers stopped them and asked for their ID and, as they tried to flee the scene, pinned down the man with the hammer.

One of the policemen suffered a broken hand when the thief smashed it with the sledge-hammer, but the other officers managed to get him in handcuffs.

The other man threw down the till he had stolen from the bar, which was full of coins and notes, many of which ended up scattered all over the road.

He then made a run for it and threw himself in the river, swimming across it to the other side in the direction of the Alamillo Park.

The swimmer has not been found, but his comrade has been identified as Isidoro G.L., a man with 20 previous sentences and 40 arrests for similar offences.

He was released with charges the day after the burglary, which the residents' association in the area where the bar is located say was 'shameful' and 'disgusting' given how he is a repeat offender with little regard for the law.


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