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Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Teased By T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Teased By T-Mobile | Ubergizmo

galaxy_s6_tmobileThere have been many rumors surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, which some believe will feature a metal body. There are also rumors hinting that we could be looking at a curved display similar to that of the Galaxy Note Edge, and it seems that thanks to a recent T-Mobile teaser, those curved display rumors could be true.

As you can see in the image above which was posted on T-Mobile's website, it shows off a Samsung phone with what appears to be a curved display on its edge. However unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 is said to have curved displays on both sides. We're not sure if we could be looking at the Galaxy S Edge or the Galaxy S6, or maybe they're both the same phone.

Either way we should be finding out the details on the 1st of March which is when Samsung will be launching the handset at its press event at MWC 2015. We can only assume that the image posted by T-Mobile is close to the real thing because after all, they are a carrier and we can only imagine that Samsung would have shared some of their plans ahead of the phone's launch.

Based on what we can see, we are certainly digging its design and we can't wait to see if the actual handset will look just as good as its renders, so be sure to check back with us on the 1st of March for all the official details! In the meantime who else is excited?


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