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19 Year Old Missing In Lanzarote

Rescue services have been scouring the coastline of La Santa in Lanzarote since Friday afternoon when a 19 year old was swept off the rocks by a wave.

La Santa

The young man was in an area known as Bocachica taking photographs of the huge waves when the tragedy happened. His grandmother who was with him at the time, alerted the emergency services at 16:00 on Friday. The Grupo de Emergencias y Salvamento del Gobierno de Canarias (GES) helicopter, Policía Local de Tinajo, Guardia Civil, volunteers from Emerlan, Bomberos del Consorcio de Emergencias and a boat from Salvamento Marítimo all joined the search until the light went. {If you are thinking of taking a trip to The Canary Islands the following link has detailed information on Discounted Family Hotels in Gran Canaria.|

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The waves wereover 5 metres high with a strong prevailing current on Friday, the nineteen year old was on the rocks on the outside area of the lagoon in La Santa, the search was initially concentrated between La Caleta de Caballo and La Santa and has expanded, although hopes of finding him alive have faded.

The missing man is British although living in Switzerland, he was in Lanzarote to visit his 70 year old grandmother who lives in the municipality of Haría.

The island was on yellow alert for strong gusts of wind and big waves at the time of the incident.

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