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Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 11

Here are this week's news snippets from Lanzarote. {If you are considering taking a trip to The Canary Islands the following link has lots of information on Cheap Family Hotels in Gran Canaria.|

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"Skeleton" Buildings to be used for art projects

Costa Teguise

Teguise Council has invited arts students from Lanzarote and Gran Canaria to help "integrate into the landscape" the derelict buildings around the resort of Costa Teguise. These buildings are currently held up in the courts with planning disputes and cannot be pulled down or finished. Mayor Oswaldo Betancort said: "If instead of skeletons of blocks, debris and trash, we can get create a life and landscape, we have taken a step in the recovery and improvement of these urban environments, solving an entrenched position and whose urban solution is complex and beyond the control of the municipality and owners."

Two Tourist Trains for Arrecife

Shuttle Train_thumb

The city of Arrecife has put out a tender to run two tourist mini trains for a period of two years. One route will cover the sea front areas, including the new marina and the main shopping area, and the other will travel along the Via Medular, taking in the football ground, theatre and sports centre.

Renault Dealer Open Days


Renault dealer Juan Toldeo SL are holding open days running from 12th until 14th March. The days are to showcase Renaults technology and to allow people to enjoy "dynamic tests" of the model range. There are various prizes available to people who attend, including a Renault Captur, a modeal manufactured in Spain.

Visitor Numbers Up In First Two Months


Visitor numbers from foreign tourists were again up over the first two months of this year. A total of 332,672 visitors arrived on the island, up by over 10,000 (3.34%) on the same period last year

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