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February 03 2015


SALt – the eco lamp that runs off sea water and charges your phone

SALt - the eco lamp that runs off sea water and charges your phone | The Red Ferret Journal


February 01 2015


Consumer group starts petition for free wi-fi in Spanish airports and stations

A LEADING consumer protection organisation has launched a petition to get unlimited free wi-fi in all Spanish airports and railway stations.

The OCU, after analysing internet facilities in the world's 34 busiest airports, of which 25 were in Europe including seven in Spain, plus 14 of Spain's largest railway stations, concluded that the results were 'not encouraging'.

Spanish airports only offer 15 minutes' free wi-fi, if at all, putting them near the bottom of the list for worldwide flight terminal internet connection.

And of the 41% of international airports which provided less than an hour's free connection, half of these were in Spain, says the OCU.

Out of these 41%, London Gatwick provides 45 minutes free, but through a complex registration system and a connection that frequently fails, a similar situation in Lisbon airport, which only offers half an hour - the same as in the terminals in Dublin and São Paulo, whilst Chicago gives just 20 minutes' connection free.

The organisation says the only airport in the world which is more stingy than those in Spain with its wi-fi was that of JFK in New York, where passengers had to pay to use the internet at all.




Obama previews his fiscal year 2016 budget - Videos - CBS News

Obama previews his fiscal year 2016 budget - Videos - CBS News

January 31, 2015, 11:37 AM|President Obama says his new spending blueprint is based on the principle of "middle class economics."


January 29 2015



FITUR international travel fair opens in Madrid

ONE of Europe's largest tourism trade fairs kicked off in Madrid yesterday (Wednesday) for the 35thyear running, bringing representatives from all over the world together to show off what their countries or regions have to offer holidaymakers.

FITUR is among the most internationally-famous, and one that few town councils in Spain are prepared to miss and tourist boards on every continent make an effort to get there, knowing that it is an investment rather than an expense - they will get the chance to meet over 9,000 tour operators and sign deals with them for package holidays, giving them a ready-cornered market.

Stands from practically every one of Spain's provinces are presenting highly-original displays between now and Sunday, February 1 inclusive, with historical monuments, countryside, beaches, shopping, cuisine, music, water sports and other outdoor activities featuring in imaginative exhibitions.

As well as Spain, countries from Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Caribbean are present at FITUR this week.

Botswana and Ghana have already caused a sensation with their spectacular traditional costumes, as have Jordan, Morocco and Egypt - with the latter having set up pillars mirroring the most famous temples holding up the ceiling on their stands.

Exotic destinations on display until Sunday include Panamá, Guatemala, Perú and Lebanon, all of which are dishing out samples of their typical cuisine, with Guatemala displaying its Mayan ruins and Costa Rica having built an entire rainforest around its stall.

Two of the greatest attractions so far include a display of the world's smallest hotel, and also a cork engraving of King Felipe and Queen Letizia handmade in Portugal (pictured), a country where the cork craft industry is so prevalent that anything from notebooks to handbags to umbrellas made of cork can be found in shops.

A total of 165 countries are present this week at FITUR, which is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday but with entrance restricted to industry professionals until then.


King Felipe VI: "Spain is more competitive than ever"

King Felipe VI delivered the opening speech, alongside his wife, Queen Letizia, both visiting FITUR for the first time ever as reigning Monarchs.

During his presentation, the King recalled that tourism is a 'potent source of employment and wealth creation' which 'benefits everyone'.

"Everyone wins - the countries whose residents travel, and the countries to which they travel," Felipe VI stated.

He added that Spain is now more competitive than ever, with a high level of quality of life, sound infrastructure and 'many other features and capabilities' to offer all types of traveller.

The one upside of the financial crisis has been the surge in tourism in Spain in the last few years - less than a decade ago, Spain was struggling to find ways to diversify its holiday offer, since it was no longer the best-value option for foreign travellers seeking a beach break in the sun.

Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia were easily able to undercut Spain on prices for the same package, but with political upheaval and instability having hit all three countries, and the cost of accommodation and services in Spain falling due to the recession, many northern European sunseekers are returning as they know they can get an affordable and relaxing holiday.

But only 10 of Spain's 17 autonomously-governed regions have beaches, and warm enough weather to enjoy them in summer can only be guaranteed in six of these, meaning the rest of the country has to extol its other virtues to get visitors from abroad - and those on the coast are finding it more necessary than ever to promote holidays to their areas in the colder months of the year to keep their populations in jobs.

Luckily, reasons to visit Spain besides hot summers and idyllic seasides are endless - dramatic and beautiful countryside, UNESCO heritage sites, fiestas, delectable cuisine, natural spas, outdoor sports, shopping and culture are tempting enough, but other tricks up its sleeve include top-quality, low-priced ski resorts open from December to the end of March and suitable for all abilities, as well as unique theme parks and all the right ingredients for European-style city breaks: cheap but comfortable hotels and regular budget flights mean it is perfectly possible to make a spontaneous, last-minute trip in an ordinary weekend from anywhere in western Europe without a great deal of advance planning.




January 26 2015


Tony Abbott under fire from Cabinet colleagues over decision to grant knighthood to Prince Philip

Tony Abbott under fire from Cabinet colleagues over decision to grant knighthood to Prince Philip - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Tony Abbott under fire from Cabinet colleagues over decision to grant knighthood to Prince PhilipBy political editor Chris Uhlmann, staff

UpdatedJanuary 26, 2015 17:45:02

Tony Abbott and Prince Philip Photo:Prime Minister Tony Abbott says social media criticism of the move to knight Prince Philip is akin to "electronic graffiti". (AFP: Leon Neal)Related Story:Angus Houston, Prince Philip named Australia's newest knightsRelated Story:NT Chief Minister says knighthood for Prince Philip 'makes us a bit of a joke'Map:Australia

Some of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's most senior colleagues are bewildered, angered and dismayed by his decision to award an Australian knighthood to Prince Philip.

Prince Philip and former Defence Force chief Angus Houston were named Australia's newest knights today, under an honours system reinstated by Mr Abbott last year.

Cabinet ministers have told the ABC the Prime Minister did not consult any of the leadership group before announcing the move.

Mr Abbott agreed it was a "captain's call", saying he consulted only with Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Order of Australia chairman Sir Angus.

Ministers said they would have opposed the knighthood, if asked.

One described it as a "stupid" decision that would make the Government an object of ridicule.

External Link:Abbott defends 'captain's call' of knighthood for Prince Philip

Another said the Prime Minister's colleagues were willing him to succeed, but he had started the year badly and had made the job of trying to lift Coalition's electoral credibility just that much harder.

"There is an old saying that when you are in a hole you should stop digging," one minister said.

"Well, we've just punched through the Earth's crust."

Another Coalition MP said the move reinforced the left-wing caricature of the Prime Minister: the appointment harked to Australia's past and the opportunity of making a positive statement about the future on the national day had been squandered.

The private anger of Coalition MP's and ministers was given public voice by the conservative chief minister of the northern territory, Adam Giles.

He said that when he read reports of the Prince's knighthood this morning he wondered if he had woken on April Fools' Day.

"It's Australia Day," he said. "We're not a bunch of tossers, let's get it right."

The move to award an Australian knighthood to the Queen's husband has also been criticised by republicans, with former Western Australia premier Geoff Gallop calling it a "sad reflection" on Australia.

Abbott royally stuffs up knighthoods

Tony Abbott runs Australia with a backdrop of kitsch 1950s nostalgia, and with the appointment of Prince Philip as Australia's newest knight it is obvious the PM has missed the mark, writes Darrin Barnett.

And it drew fire on social media from commentators including Canberra press gallery veteran Laurie Oakes, who tweeted: "Libs must wonder who can help a PM apparently determined to be seen as a joke. #jokeknighthood".

Answering questions about the decision at an Australia Day event in Canberra today,Mr Abbott said he was "really pleased" the Queen had accepted his recommendations on the knighthoods and added that whilst the Duke had not called to say thank you for the honour, he did not "expect gratitude".

And he said social media criticism of the move was akin to "electronic graffiti"

"I think that in the media, you make a big mistake to pay too much attention to social media. You wouldn't report what's sprayed up up on the walls of buildings and look, as I said, social media has its place, but it's anonymous," he told reporters.

"It's often very abusive and in a sense, it has about as much authority and credibility as graffiti that happens to be put forward by means of IT."

Mr Abbott said he stood by the decision to award the knighthood to 93-year-old Prince Philip because "the monarchy has been an important part of Australia's life since 1788".

"Prince Philip has been a great servant of Australia, he's been a great servant of all the countries of the Commonwealth.

"Here in this country he's the patron of hundreds of organisations. He's the inspiration and wellspring of the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards which have provided leadership training for tens if not hundreds of thousands of Australians over the years.

"I'm just really pleased that in his 90s, towards the end of a life of service and duty, we in this country are able to properly acknowledge what he's done for us."

Asked how widely he had consulted before making the decision, Mr Abbott said: "As you would expect, I consulted with the Chairman of the Order of Australia, and I consulted with the Governor-General. That's what you would expect."

Asked if Prince Philip was a "captain's pick" for the award, Mr Abbott said "I'm not going to dispute your characterisation" before calling for questions on other topics.

Shorten says award for British royal 'a time warp'

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who yesterday called for a renewed debate on Australia becoming a republic, said giving a knighthood to an English royal on Australia Day was outside the mainstream of Australian thinking.

"It's a time warp where we're giving knighthoods to English royalty," Mr Shorten told Fairfax Radio.

"On Australia Day, we're talking about Australia, Australian identity, the Government's managed to find a British royal to give a medal to, a knighthood to."

He said that if Labor won office it would not continue the tradition of knights or dames.

"When we look at Australia in the 21st century, it's about who we're going to be as a people and I just think giving out a top award to a British royal is anachronistic."

Prince has 'long relationship with Australia'

Earlier the head of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Professor David Flint, said the knighthood was an appropriate recognition for Prince Philip's "long relationship with Australia".

"He was a sailor in the convoys that protected Australian troops being taken to the Middle East in the Second World War," Professor Flint said.

"He was also in the Pacific Fleet and he was actually in Tokyo Bay at the time the Japanese surrendered.

"He opened the '56 Olympics, he's got a very long relationship through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme."

But Mr Gallop said Mr Abbott's decision to start awarding Australian knighthoods had "heavily polluted" the Australian honours system.

"As we try to reflect upon our nation ... one of Australia's highest honours goes to someone who's not part of our community," he said.

"In effect this is the eccentricity of Tony Abbott's views on our constitution coming through.

"It certainly doesn't reflect the view of the Australian people through a meritocratic process."

Famed for his off-the-cuff quips and gaffes, Prince Philip, who married Queen Elizabeth in 1947, is the longest serving royal consort in British history.

The Queen once described him as "my strength and stay all these years".

But the duke, a constant presence by his wife's side throughout her six decades on the throne, has suffered a series of health scares in recent years.


First postedJanuary 26, 2015 12:54:01


January 18 2015



News photos and pictures from the Albuquerque Journal

News photos and pictures from the Albuquerque Journal

Wearing a cheap plastic poncho, Pope Francis gives a thumb-up to the faithful as he arrives in Tacloban, Philippines, Saturday. An approaching tropical storm cut the Pope's visit short. (Wally Santana/The Associated Press)


NFL playoff picks and predictions: Seahawks, Patriots favored for Super Bowl

NFL playoff picks and predictions: Seahawks, Patriots favored for Super Bowl - Mile High Report

For Broncos fans, any of the potential Super Bowl matchups are going to create a pit in their stomach. Several days after the Broncos/Colts Divisional game I don't think I'm the only fan who feels like a kid who just found out Santa Claus is not (as my 7 year-old would put it) "for real life."

While every fan of every team wants their team in the Super Bowl every year (why wouldn't you!) many Broncos fans almost felt like they were owed another shot at the Lombardi after last year's debacle in New Jersey. I know I kept thinking how poetic it would be for Manning to hoist that trophy in Arizona after the following hat trick: defeating his old team, the Patriots in their house, and the Seahawks when it mattered.

But my disappointment is not going to stop me from watching and enjoying (or at least attempting to enjoy) the conference championship games this Sunday.

Of the 37 NFL analysts in the table below 33 (89%) predict the New England Patriots will beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Four (11%) predict that the Colts will pull an upset in Foxboro.

30 analysts (81%) predict the Seattle Seahawks will ride their home field advantage to victory over the Green Bay Packers. Seven analysts pick the Packers to? silence the 12th Man.

Here is how the Super Bowl matchups break down from the picks:

Seahawks/Patriots - 26

Packers/Patriots - 7

Seahawks/Colts - 4

Packers/Colts - big fat zero

So I'll go ahead and take the plunge - I'm going to pick the Packers/Colts because I would actually enjoy watching that game. Not as much as a Broncos/Seahawks rematch, but I'll take Packers/Colts over my other options any day.

If you're unhappy about the prospect of a Seahawks/Patriots Super Bowl let me remind you about the team that was? favored by 91% of the analysts last week. Hint: You like this team. (Or you might be trolling.)

Go Broncos!

NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions Analyst GB @ SEA IND @ NE Super Bowl Matchup Ryan Van Bibber - SB Nation

    Stephen White - SB Nation

    Joel Thorman - SB Nation

    David Fucillo - SB Nation

    Danny Kelly - SB Nation

    PFT Commenter - SB Nation

    Matt Ufford - SB Nation

    Pete Prisco - CBS

    Jason La Canfora - CBS

    Will Brinson - CBS

    Jared Dubin - CBS

    Ryan Wilson - CBS

    John Breech - CBS

    Dave Richard - CBS

    Jamey Eisenberg - CBS

    Allen - ESPN

    Golic - ESPN

    Hoge - ESPN

    Jaworski - ESPN

    Joyner - ESPN

    Schefter - ESPN

    Schlereth - ESPN

    Wickersham - ESPN

    Jackson - ESPN

    Johnson - ESPN

    Ditka - ESPN        Carter - ESPN

    Elliot Harrison - NFL.com

    Peter Schrager - FOX Sports

    Mike Garafolo - FOX Sports

    Alex Marvez - FOX Sports

    Brendon Ayanbadejo - FOX Sports

    Jimmy Traina - FOX Sports

    David Steele - Sporting News

    Neil Greenberg - Washington Post        Brandon Marshall - Inside the NFL        Boomer Esiason - Inside the NFL




January 15 2015


The Perfect Steak - What To Look For & How To Cook It

Everyone likes their steak cooked a different way, so throughout this short article I will certainly make certain that I cover each possible different method so that you will certainly always get the finest outcome on your own or whoever you prepare for.

There are several various cuts of beef that will make a terrific steak, and there are likewise lots of grades of beef to consider, depending on what the cow was fed upon the farm, so your primary step is to choose which you would like. The options consist of rump, scotch fillet, porterhouse, eye fillet and T-bone as the main premium cuts generally consumed. The beef's grading will certainly come down mostly to marbling and maturation of the meat. There is an argument regarding which is much better from grain-fed and grass-fed cattle, and truly the response is grass-fed beef is healthier for you as it is the most natural kind of the cattle, while grain-fed beef will certainly have a lot more marbling and flavour, so I will certainly leave that option as much as you which method you wish to go. As for maturity, I advise finding a butcher that will hang your meat for rather a long period of time in their meat locker prior to carving it, I have actually found that 27 days is perfect. This will certainly assist tenderize the meat by having it stretched out and relaxing the muscles, to give you the finest possible result. Click on the following link to Buy Beef.

The rump and porterhouse are firmer cuts, and the rump in particular can be a bit harder and chewier than the rest, and you will discover a strip of fat at the top of each of these steaks, which will help flavour and tenderize the steak throughout the cooking procedure. Both these cuts I would recommend eating unusual to medium-rare (I will certainly discuss steak doneness a little later).

Meanwhile the scotch fillet will certainly come really nicely marbled with fat throughout, and can usually be distinguished by a C-shaped piece of fat close to one side. Due to the marbling it will certainly be extremely tender and loaded with flavour (however if you're on a diet it could be one to stay clear of in the meantime), and I recommend consuming it medium-rare to medium.

The eye fillet is the most tender cut of beef, and will usually be without fat, although this likewise indicates you may need to do something additional to add some flavour to it, the most popular method being to wrap bacon around it during cooking, so the fatty flavours of the bacon are soaked up by the steak. This is my personal favourite steak, and is best consumed medium-rare to medium.

Lastly we come to the T-bone, which has both the eye fillet and porterhouse on either side of the bone, and will certainly get its flavour from the strip of fat on the exterior of the porterhouse. I advise consuming the T-bone uncommon to medium-rare, though it can be difficult to prepare equally due to the bone in the middle.

You need to work out how big a piece of meat you want when you've chosen which cut of steak you will be consuming. A normal-sized steak is typically around 300g for a good-sized meal, nevertheless it could range anywhere from 150g up to 1kg and even more! The size of your steak will become important later when you wish to prepare it to a certain doneness. For example, 2 different rump steaks might rather quickly weigh the exact same amount, yet be completely different shapes, sometimes they can be broad and flat, and thick and in some cases brief, depending on what part of the rump the steak was cut from. Selecting the size of your steak and the shape go hand-in-hand, it's best to have a thicker steak for a medium-rare or unusual steak, and when you desire a medium-well or above thinner is better. This is so it does not take a long time for you to cook, and you can still have a juicy steak without burning the outside.

Now let's simply escape the steak for a minute and consider what you're in fact going to prepare it on. Preferably you should have a chargrill, one that rests on an angle, and has sufficient space beneath the flame to have a tray that you can put a small piece of wood on. Exactly what I personally like is mesquite wood, which originates from the USA, and the finest thing to do is to soak it in water for a few hours prior to cooking. This will certainly assist the wood emit its smoky flavour as opposed to simply burn away, and it will certainly also last longer, usually for a minimum of a number of hours.

I pointed out earlier that if possible your grill should be improved an angle, sloping up in the direction of the back. As you understand, heat increases, so naturally you should find the hottest part of your grill at the back, and get slightly cooler closer to the front. The majority of grills and hotplates in general will certainly have certain "hotspots" that you will certainly have to discover for each one to work out the very best places to place your food when food preparation. As soon as you've made use of a certain grill a few times you need to discover it rather simple to find out your favourite spots to prepare on. The mix of understanding where your "hotspots" are and making use of a tilted grill will certainly make it easier to discover the finest position to cook your steak. If you don't have a chargrill to use and you have a hot plate or a flatgrill instead, I would advise not cooking your steak completely through on the hot plate, specifically for medium or above, seal it on both sides then place your steak on a tray and complete it off in an oven. Otherwise all you will certainly do is burn the outdoors and lose all the moisture and juiciness from your meat.

The other aspect to think about is how you would like your steak prepared. In general, a well-done steak should be put at the back, a medium steak in the middle of the grill, and an uncommon steak at the front. Undoubtedly, this leaves medium-rare between the front and middle, and the medium-well in between the middle and the back. In some circumstances you will need to adjust this somewhat depending upon the size and shape of your steak, a big, thick rump may require to be pushed a bit additional up the grill to prepare properly, while a thin and flat porterhouse may be finest kept a little closer to the front to avoid overcooking. Your steak positioning will certainly boil down mainly to personal preference and a little bit of practice and experience with your grill.

Now that you must have worked out where on the grill you will certainly position your steak, you're almost ready to begin cooking! What you have to think about now is how you will certainly season your steak. You could not desire any spices, that's fine, go right ahead and begin food preparation. If you want to utilize salt and pepper, I would recommend waiting till one side of your steak has actually been sealed before sprinkling any on, as salt has the tendency to leech out a few of the wetness from your meat. My favored approach of spices is to get a really good steak seasoning spice and generously cover both sides before positioning your steak on the grill. When you do put your steak on the grill, if you are going to have a porterhouse or a rump, make sure you put the strip of fat at the top, so as it cooks the fat will certainly melt and leak through the steak, including extra flavour to your meat.

The procedure of really cooking your steak is fairly simple, but there are a few vital things you have to understand to get the very best outcome. Firstly, the benefit of using the chargrill implies you can have great cross-markings on your steak when it's completed, which looks fantastic for discussion. To accomplish this, your steak will need to be turned three times, the very first time directly over itself, then on the second turn spin it around 90 degrees so the lines from the grill will cross over each other and make little brown squares all over the steak, and after that the 3rd and final turn will certainly be directly over itself once more. When you're finished the steak should have cross-markings on both sides, and you can pick whichever side looks finest to serve facing up.

Exactly what you should discover if you have got the grill positioning right for your favored doneness, 3-4 minutes between each turn should have your steak end up simply the way you like it! (If you are cooking your steak bleu, you only have to cook it for 3 minutes on each side in total amount, just enough to seal each side generally).

I hope you take pleasure in cooking and consuming lots of steaks in the future, and make sure you head out and impress your close friends with your newly found cooking skills!

January 13 2015


ISIS Video Appears To Show Young Boy Executing Russian 'Spies'

January 09 2015


Faulty MacBook logic board suit against Apple thrown out

Faulty MacBook logic board suit against Apple thrown out | ZDNet

A bid to launch a class action suit against Apple over allegedly defective logic boards included in its MacBooks has been dismissed by a US judge.

Apple won the dismissal on Thursday over a claim by two plaintiffs that the company had knowingly sold logic boards that were defective and routinely failed within two years, Reuters reported.

The plaintiffs, who were seeking class action status, claimed that Apple CEO Tim Cook was informed of the alleged logic board issue in 2011 but didn't act on the information.

Jury decides Apple isn't guilty in $1bn iTunes DRM case

Jury decides Apple isn't guilty in $1bn iTunes DRM case

Apple has escaped a potential $1bn damages bill after a jury decided an iTunes update that kept rivals' music off its iPod was a genuine product improvement.

Read More

Accoridng to Reuters, a US district court judge in San Francisco however ruled the plaintiffs failed to make their case that Apple's logic boards were "unfit for their ordinary purposes or lacked a minimal level of quality". Besides that, the plaintiffs were able to "adequately use their computers for approximately 19 months and two years, respectively".

The pair also claimed Apple had misrepresented its products in marketing statements that promoted the MacBook as "state of the art" or the "most advanced" on the market. However, Apple's claims didn't amount to "affirmative misrepresentations", according to the judge.

It might not be the end of the matter for Apple, however: the plaintiffs have been granted until January 22 to amend their lawsuit. It's not clear whether they intend to pursue it further.

The pair originally claimed that Apple's sale of MacBooks since May 20 2010 violated consumer protection laws in California and Texas.

It's just one of several potential class actions suits Apple is facing in the US over its products. One of the cases still pending accuses Apple of defrauding buyers of its MacBook Pro laptops in 2011 that contained defective graphic cards.

In December, Apple won a long running class action suit that accused the company of harming consumers by blocking files bought at rival music stores from running on the iPod. The potential damages bill that Apple would have faced had it lost was between $350m and $1bn.

And just as the new year rang in, consumers in California and Miami filed a suit seeking class action status over the amount of space iOS 8 consumers on iPhone, iPods and iPads. The complaint also asserts that users who purchased iPhones, iPads, and iPods with 16GB of storage are being pushed to purchase iCloud storage as a result.


January 05 2015


December 31 2014


Catch A Glimpse Of Samsung's Galaxy S6 As Leaked Renders Hit The Web

Catch A Glimpse Of Samsung's Galaxy S6 As Leaked Renders Hit The Web

Fans of Samsung's Galaxy S series of smartphones are not doubt waiting with bated breath to see what the South Korean tech giant has in store for the next installment of its flagship device. We might just have gotten a clearer glimpse of what Samsung's got up its sleeve, though, as some new renders have hit the net and appear to show off the Galaxy S6 in all it's glory.

We've probably got somewhere between a few days and a few weeks before Samsung shows off the next edition of its Galaxy S line of smartphones, the Galaxy S6. If the Galaxy S6 doesn't rear its head at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas " a solid possibility " then it's likely that we'll get our first look at Mobile World Congress some weeks later. Of course, Samsung has already nailed down the look and design of the phone, which will probably see release before the end of 2015's first quarter.

Since the design is already likely nailed down, it's not too surprising that glimpses of the Galaxy S6 might have started to leak out already. One such came earlier this month with an apparent prototype of the device appearing on the internet. Now, Iranian publication Toranji [h/t: Droid-Life] has published a few blurry shots that look like they could well be the newly redesigned Galaxy S6.

The new shots look largely similar to the purported Galaxy S6 prototype that we saw a few weeks back, but there are definitely some differences. If these are Galaxy S6 images, though, it looks like the next Galaxy S device will mark yet another shift from its predecessors. Since the original Galaxy S, Samsung has been gradually evolving its flagship smartphone line, and it looks like Samsung's Galaxy S6 will mark the company's transition to a full aluminum unibody design. The devices on display in the blurry pics from Toranji appear to show a unibody device with a thinner side bezel than previous Galaxy S devices, though that's a bit hard to tell from what are almost certainly press renders.

samsung galaxy s6samsung galaxy s6

Samsung's Galaxy S6 might mark a significant departure from previous devices.

It looks like Samsung will continue its design tradition of keeping a physical home button on the front of the device, and the Galaxy S6 may well have the same sort of capacitive Menu and Back buttons that previous devices have had. It does look, though, like Samsung will finally ditch the soft plastic back that it has had on previous Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, going instead with a full aluminum unibody construction.

galaxy s6 samsunggalaxy s6 samsung

The Galaxy S6 will likely adopt a metal unibody build, instead of the plastic that has typified previous Galaxy S devices.

There's still not too much known about the insides of the Galaxy S6. It's expected that Samsung will pack the next installment of its flagship phone with top-shelf components, though no one knows quite yet just how high-end the Galaxy S6 will be. Current speculation holds that Samsung might put a 5.2- or 5.5-inch QHD Super AMOLED display into the Galaxy S6, along with a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, 16-megapixel camera, and Android 5.0.

[Lead image via LoadTheGame.]


December 27 2014


Grierson & Leitch's 2014 In Review: The Year's Worst Films

Grierson & Leitch's 2014 In Review: The Year's Worst Films

Grierson & Leitch's 2014 In Review: The Year's Worst Films

Yes, most people have already written their Top 10 movie lists for2014. We're saving ours for the last week of the year, but while wewaitfor this full, rich, and weird movie year to end, we're going tostartlooking back at certain highlights. Today, it's a look at the worst movies of 2014. We'll get to get best ones on Monday.

Grierson Annie. With the exception of the pretty hilarious Twilight parody MoonQuake Lake, this new version of the Broadway musical doesn't contain much of anything that's clever or even campy-fun. When Willow is the voice of reason in the Will Smith family, we should all be concerned.

I, Frankenstein. Wherein Aaron Eckhart makes a deal with the devil: He gets the best abs of his life to be in the worst film of his career. Also starring Bill Nighy, the lady from Chuck, some truly terrible CGI, and the rotting corpse of Mary Shelley's great story.

Sex Tape. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star in this witless romantic comedy based entirely on the belief that nobody in the audience understands anything about how "the Cloud" works.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Green testicles with masks crack dumb jokes, hang out with Will Arnett, make Megan Fox seem charismatic by comparison.

Words and Pictures. A reminder that even your favorite actors can make terrible movies, this one stars Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche as coyly feuding prep-school teachers waging a stupid contest to see which is superior: words or pictures. (He's a poet! She's a painter! What are the odds?!?!) The whole thing is so saccharine it's practically a PSA-type warning about the dangers of middle-aged sophisticates meeting cute.

Leitch Exodus: Gods and Kings. So wasteful and pointless that it feels like a tax write-off, like 20th Century Fox had were pulling a Producers to balance a debit sheet somewhere. I'm not sure I've ever quite seen an actor look quite as ridiculous in ancient Egyptian garb as John Turturro in this movie. Seems specifically designed to appeal to absolutely no one.

The Expendables 3. Never mind the law of diminishing returns: With this second sequel, we find out what happens when old movie stars not only don't have the strength to make it through their action scenes, they don't even have the gumption to even try. How old is too old for a cynical money grab? Movies like this are why Sylvester Stallone has had to make half a dozen comebacks already. This movie can't even muster up the energy to give Mel Gibson a great bad-guy role to play.

A Million Ways to Die in the West. I said it in my review and I'll say it again: This movie couldn't have been worse for the reputation of Seth MacFarlane had it been made by someone who was specifically attempting to do him harm.

Monuments Men. I like George Clooney, you like George Clooney, we all like George Clooney. But maybe it's time to stop encouraging him to direct movies? This is his third dud in a row after the promising start of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Good Night and Good Luck, and this is the worst of a bunch, an earnest dramatically inert, and profoundly dull saunter through the most boring parts of World War II. Gathering a cast like this and giving them nothing to do feels like a crime against nature. Clooney's a great guy, but as a director, he's his own worst enemy.

Tammy. Shockingly unfunny and directed like it was randomly assembled in the truck on the way to the projection booth, Tammy seems to fundamentally misunderstand Melissa McCarthy's appeal, which is why it's that much more surprising that she wrote the script with her husband (who also directed). You can almost sense a smarter movie in there, somewhere, but that version was far too many permutations ago to have any effect here. I saw more offensive and obnoxious movies this year, but nothing was truly more "what in the world are these people doing?" than this one.

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December 23 2014


December 18 2014


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